New Vision Recruitment

How to dress?

Welcome to the new era!

It’s common knowledge that many firms are in full swing of agile working, which leaves many of you asking the question – how important are my presentation skills to the employer? Let me answer this for you.

It’s still very important. The old saying ‘ first impressions count’ is still widely discussed in the interview process – especially in client facing roles and when representing corporate businesses.

We all acknowledge that our workload can be produced efficiently in our ‘Sunday sweats’ but it’s courteous to present yourself well before you’ve got to know the company. In both circumstances of a face to face or VC interview, it’s crucial to understand that your efforts in presenting yourself well will be recognized before you’ve even said your introduction. I would really suggest sussing out your working environment before getting too ‘comfortable’.

Those who present themselves well in the interview instantly command respect from those whom are doing the interview. Also studies suggest that confidence from within is at its peak when ‘you’re looking good, smelling good and feeling good’, so put your best foot forward and let that confidence shine through. You may still be unlucky, but I can assure you, you’ll be remembered in a positive light.